Friday, March 23, 2012

Fly tying video lessons for begginers.

I am doing a video series for beginner tiers and this is video number 1. It is a green rock worm. Very simple and easy tie.
 This fly will teach you how start the thread, the pinch and loop technique to attach materials and wrapping materials.
Hook- Curved shank hook sizes 10-16
Thread- Black 8/0 uni
Body- Chartreuse or a bright green yarn
Rib-Black utc brassie
Thorax- Peacock hurl. 

Here is video 2 a simple midge pupa, This fly will teach you the basic dubbing technique and soft loop for attaching materials.
Hook- Dry fly hook or Nymph hook sizes 14-24
Thread- Uni black 8/0
Body- tying thread
Rib- Red utc wire
Thorax- Muskrat dubbing

Here is video 3, the griffiths gnat.  This fly will teach you how to palmer hackle.
Materials- Dry fly hook 10-26
Thread- Uni 8/0 black
Body- peacock hurl
Hackle- Grizzly neck hackle, saddle will work also
Rib- copper wire utc, or silver. xsmall

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