Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Winter session 37, Dry flies with friends

 Well got out today for some flying in the late morning. I met up with George from over at wildfly365  and Josh on one of our favorite freestone streams.  It wasnt long before the midges and stones got the trout coming up to the film.  The first couple all we did was put down, but we then got to the next spot and we all got one. We dry flied the day away at rising trout. The trout fell for the oddball quill gordon, the still born midge, a caddis cripple, a bi-visible, elk hair caddis, and the spent stone.   We caught some hard fighting browns and Josh got a a really nice wild brookie that escaped the camera.  We fished at the risers till they quit at dusk, then we switched over to nymphs to finish the evening. The U.V. High Test Hares Ear and an RS-II where the ticket with the nymphs.  We managed to get some browns and a bow while we nymphed. We reached the end of the stretch just as the sun began on its final decent.  With "more than four" and the sun setting fast, we hiked on back to the car.   Thank you Josh and George for the day fishing, I had a great time.

The oddball quill gordon looking very tenkaraish

George's brown with an Oddball in its mouth.

My last fish of the day, :) What a monster!!!

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