Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Winter session 34, Stoneflies and the rise.

 Well, got out today for some flying late morning. Met up with Josh and we headed to a small stream for dry fly action, we hoped.  The weather was gorgeous today. High of 57f. Ill take that all winter! Well the warm weather got the stoneflies out and about to egg lay in mass today. Once this started the trout began rising. Some for active egg layers and others sipping spent egg layers. Josh got the active feeders with a bi-visible, that i tied him some time ago.  The sippers I picked up, they all fell for the spent stoneflies I tied up last night. I will do a video and tutorial on them. They sit nice and flush in the film and they do stay in film. Dilly wax is a great thing however. We fished at risers till near dark, it was quite a dry fly day for February. With "more than four" we hiked on back to the car. Sorry about the pics, Forgot the camera!!!


  1. That's what the hatch was here today.
    Nice trout.

    1. There were stones everywhere. From winter black, browns, willow, and tiny black stones. It was a hatch and egg laying of some epic proportions, very prolific. Thanks Alan.

    2. Johnny, Since I'm stuck inside resting this darn leg. I'm looking forward to hearing how the hatch was on this gorgeous day. And what I need to be tying up for my next adventure.