Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Winter session 33, Small stream and rising trout

   Well, got out yesterday for some flying with my friend Josh. We went on a bit of a recon mission in the morning and then in afternoon we stopped off at a nice little stream. With the lack of rain we have been having, this stream was on low spectrum of its flow for sure. As luck would have it, we arrived just in time for a great winter stone egg laying. The trout were taking spent adults on the surface, just sipping them in like they do with mayfly spinner and midges.  We both tied on a still born midge in a size 16 and in short order we got into wild browns. We moved from pool to run for a length up stream. We attempted to come down at the fish for a bit of better presentation, but these guys spotted you way before you could get into position. So we stuck with the up and across, and long leader presentations.  Some of the take were so gentle they were practically unnoticeable. The wild browns were beautiful and with "more than four" we heading on back to car.


  1. Look at those spots, beautiful.
    What's the fly in the close up.

    1. Thanks Alan, The spots sure are amazing on those browns. The fly is Roger Hills still born midge. It is a griffith's gnat with a muskrat shuck. I tie them with red thread heads on light wire scud hooks.