Monday, February 20, 2012

Winter session 32, A Nicheo afternoon

  Well, got out today in the morning and met up with Fredy,(that's him) and b.s.ed  with him while he fished for synthetic fish. He got into some nice ones and I played his camera man.  I spent the morning with him and he hooked me up with some studs for my lugs. THANKS FREDY!!!  I then head out to meet up with Josh to fish our favorite freestoner.  We started off nymphing, the water was a nice 46F and we soon found rising trout. Some rising for spent midges and others taking bwos.  Long story short. The Nicheo did it again.  It took numerous trout and kept on floating. No floatant required fish after fish.  The Nicheo tutorial and video will up soon.  The hot nymph today was the lightning bug. The trout were hammering that gaudy thing.   So with "more than four" we headed on back to the car, talking about the dry fly action. It was a blast for Feb 20 on a freestone stream!

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