Saturday, February 18, 2012

Winter session 30, attack of the NICHEO!!!!

 Well, I finally got out on a Saturday. This never happens for me in the winter, but my daughter is with her grandmother for the weekend so a flying I went.  I had somethings to do in the morning, so i didnt get out till around noonish. Which was perfect because the baetis where just starting to hatch on my local limestoner.  I still had the odd ball on from last time so I cast it out and was quickly into a wild brown. A quick pick and a release. I put some more drift over some trout but they didnt want the odd ball.    So i swapped out for a nicheo, This nicheo was tied using a stripped and dyed peacock quill. I stripped and dyed a bunch yesterday.  This nicheo was the ticket. The trout really dug it.  It was a nice day and a good hatch today.  With "more then four" I headed on home, before the rain came. 

The olive quill body Nicheo. The thorax is dry in the pic, so the color doesnt match but when its wet, it blends perfect.

The reddest adipose fin i have seen yet to date. Just beautiful.

This brown put up a terrific fight. It was also the most beautiful one of the day. The red is just transfused through out the body, and even tail. 

The Olive Quill body Nicheo, Wild limestone brown trout approved.


  1. Nice fly! May I assume it is named after the seller of the wing material? I have only recently discovered your site and am enjoying it immensely - I like your style. Would a little instruction on stripping and dying peacock quills be too much to request of you?
    Best regards,
    Jim Anderson

    1. Jim,
      Thank you. Yes, you figured the name out! I am glad your enjoying the fly corner. I am going to do a post on stripping and dying the quills for sure very soon.

      All the best