Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Winter session 28, Bwos, Charlies and a Tiger

  Well, got out today for some flying with some friends. We hit my favorite N.J. spring creek in late morning. We started off nymphing and the Mad Man managed one on one of his creations, Way to go Mad Man!  I saw a fish rise, so I swapped out for a bwo dun. A couple of cast later I had the little fellow who I saw rising.  We pressed on up stream, and then the bwos started hatching. The fish started to key in on them. I had a slow hand today, because I missed 3 in row. I decided to sit out for a bit. Fredy(that's him) tied on bwo and got himself a pair. Way to go Fredy! Congrats on your February wild browns on the dry. Then I moved up and got another.
 We then convened for lunch. We headed on over to Charlies Pool Room for some mealies!!   After we ate Fredy and Mad Man headed on home, and I returned to the creek.  I went back to a spot where we saw some rising but didnt mange any. I still had a Nicheo on the line, so I gave it a few drifts......Nothing. Then I swapped out for the Still Born Midge(musky style) It was actually one I tied in the video. First drift and a good size nose came up and the fly disappeared. I set hook and the trout said see ya! Reel screaming, as he raised up stream. I knew where he was trying to go, there is a really nice undercut full of tree roots up in the direction he was running to. I put the brakes on but didn't want to brake to hard seeing how I was using 7x. But the Guru did its job and the tippet held up fine through the fight. When I got a glimpse of the fish, I wasnt sure what I had. Then when I got him closer and got a clearer look, I was surprised. A long while hold over or a one in a million. A quick pick and away he went. The fins where all long and pristine, what a beauty. With sun going low and my phone blowing up for dinner, I headed on out.  What a great day on the water, the weather and company was great. 

Eye of the tiger!!!


  1. Nice fish... What a way to end the day. Also thanks for the new tying video of the Still Born Midge you posted up.

  2. Good job ! Nice write up. I'm gonna have to twist some still born midges up.

  3. JU,
    Awesome tiger. They are aggressive as hell and hard fighters.
    You see the mouth on that guy, perfect for eating small brookies and browns.