Monday, February 13, 2012

Winter session 27- The wind, the woods and the native char

  Well, Got out today for some small stream flying.  I was a little hesitant about going today. While I had my morning cup of joe, the wind was a whipping. I don't care much for winter fly fishing with a lot of wind.  It just makes it to cold out. But after I shot a tying video I decided I would head out and go for some brook char. I  decided to hit a stretch of a stream that I never winter fished before, but with it being a tail water fishery I knew it would fish well in the winter.  The stream was iced up just a bit, but the water was a nice 43f. Once I had a reading, I tied on a black buzzer with a #8 shot above it.  The first couple of pools didn't produce well and it may have been because the sun wasn't helping me with my shadow. I sneaked up to the next run and flicked my buzzer in and boom. A quick pic and away he went. I manged to nymph up "more than four", but not to many were calm enough for pics. Shame to since I love the looks of those beautiful char.

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  1. Classic pristine habitat equals wild jewels.
    Well done.