Thursday, February 9, 2012

Winter session 25 Freestone and limestone

  Well, got out early this morning to meet up with Josh and fish are favorite freestone stream. We fished  a section we hadn't hit in a while.  It wasn't long before I got a suspected wild bow. The trout flopped out of my hand right as I was pressing the shutter button on the camera. Oh well, this happens often enough that it doesn't matter.  We nymphed up through the section and got into some wild browns. The Golden Oldie was responsible for all but one brown. That one took the Rubber Diamond Duckie. 
  When we reached the end of the stretch, I got a call from George aka wild fly 365.  He was in the area and wanted to meet up to fish. We both agreed on a limestoner, so I departed from Josh and off I went to meet up with George.  We got the stream just in time for a bwo hatch. We did manage a few on the nymphs before the hatch started. The Golden Oldie got me mine, and George got his on a Rs-II.  I tied on the bwo dun and it wasnt long before I had a wild brown rise to it and he was on.  I got a number of them, but for some reason just couldnt land them. Never the less, it was a blast.  Then George and I head over to a different limestoner. George got himself 2 browns and his birthday prize fish. Happy Birthday George, it was nice getting out with you!

A winter wild freestoner morning.

Yummy Golden Oldie!!!!

Happy Birthday G! Congrats on that poor man's bone!!!!

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