Thursday, February 9, 2012

Winter session 24, Flying with the Mad Man

Well, got a call from the Mad Man yesterday and he wanted me to join him on a popular New Jersey wild trout stream.  I agree to and headed on out. We met up and hit a mid section of stream. It was cold and cloudy all day so nothing was hatching, didnt even see a midge. The water was chilly 35f degrees, and river was running a touch high.   It didnt take long before I had my first wild brown to hand, didnt take the mad man long  either.  I got a wild trifecta and one of the browns I caught put a great fight.  With "more than four" we hiked on back to the cars.  All in all it was a good winter days fishing.  The u.v. high test hares ear was responsible for all my fish and the mad man did well the Golden Oldie.


  1. Nice job there - you sure get out a lot ! - Jealous

    1. Thank you Mark, My line of work allows me a lot of free time in the winter, so I get out as much as possible.