Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Winter session 23, Fishing after Heron.

 Well, got out today in the afternoon and explored a new stream. Its a freestoner in New Jersey.  It was warm in the afternoon so I found a couple of fish rising!. But these fish were rising under some fallen branches! Bummer. I didn't let it discourage though. I cast gently right at the branches and on about the 6th cast I  got in there and it came drifting down and the brown took it. A quick fight and I landed him. I had noticed a lot of heron tracks on the beaches and in the sand on the stream bottom. The brown I caught had the heron trademarks right on his sides. What a lucky fish to have gotten away. A quick pic and off he went.  I explored more, working my up stream, I got small brookie to rise to the fly and splash at it, but I didnt get him.  I went up stream quite a was and didnt get anymore to rise.   I did see a lot of heron tracks on the way and I believe I was fishing right behind him.  All in all it was beautiful afternoon and hiking around on the new stream was fun.
The trout were rising underneath the branch on the right bank side.

Sorry for the blurry pic, But trout need to get back in the water fast. But you can still make out the heron scars on his side by his dorsal fin.

In the center of the photo there is a heron track in the sand right at the spot I caught the trout.  (if you see the oak leaf, its to the right of that.)
 Thank you everyone that reads my reports, I hope you enjoy them. Have a great Wednesday.

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