Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Winter session 22, Limestone and baetis.

Well, got out yesterday for some flying. I went to my local limestoner on this warm sunny day. The fishing was a little tough, the water was at the streams normal low level. The water was clearer than gin, practically none existent, its so clear.  So long cast and drift were a must on these wary browns.
   I started the day with some midging trout. The trout were taking spent adult off the surface and a little thread body and touch of snow shoe did the trick. I had one on and he got off, such is the game with size 26 hooks. Then the wind picked up and down the trout went.  I switched to nymphs and rolled one.  Moving up stream, it was approaching noon and on this little gem, you can see a baetis hatch this time of year.
  I got up to the next run to pool. I watched from back in the riffle that drained the pool, no one sipping in the tail out. So I moved up into the pool on the left bank side. I saw one rise way up in the run close to the riffle coming in. Then this fellow land on my hand. 

I then saw another rise, and could see a couple baetis on the water. I quickly swapped out for an olive dun. I made my first cast and got a rainbow. Then 3 drifts later got this brown.

What a beauty that brown was, Notice that red on his adipose fin, he even has red eyes!

The hatch was over quickly and so I moved on up stream, I found some more trout rising, managed a couple more and couple more that spit or shook my hook. All in all it was a great day.

Just by the skin of the lip!

I noticed this stone from a distance of about 10ft. Its orange egg filled rear caught my eye.