Friday, February 3, 2012

Winter session 21

 Well got out for a short time this morning and early afternoon.  It was a chilly morning and bright blue skies. I met up with Josh, and we hit are favorite little limestoner. The water was at its usual flow and the water was around 47F. Not to many bugs were hatching in the morning, towards the tail end of the session midges started coming off.  We nymphed up through the pocket water.  I was having one of those days.  But despite the struggle we manged "more than four". Most of the fish were quick releases, meaning get them to you and pop goes the hook.  Good for the fish but not for the camera. Oh well.  The High test hares ear was the winning fly today.   Ah now the weekend is here and I can relax and spent time with my daughter. Happy fishing this week, and thanks for checking out and following the fly corner. More tutorials and videos on the way.


  1. Nice browns.
    What's your camera?

  2. Thank you Alan, they all fault hard. Love wild browns.

    I use an Olympus VG-140.