Thursday, February 2, 2012

Winter session 20, A moutain freestoner

  Well, Got out today for some flying with my fellow trout bum Josh. We decided after checking out a little stream to hit a mountain freestoner that was close by. The stream is a beauty and we had a great time hiking and fishing it. There was a great number of midges hatching and stone flies doing there egg laying. I noticed one trout rise and Josh managed to get him with a buzzer.  The streams is running high yet from past rain events and the ground thawing out from the warmer than average temps.  I must say as a winter trout bum, this is the best winter i could ask for, although it just doesn't seem like winter. I mean February and 62f and 50f to start the month.   Well the fishing was good and the buzzer was a tie against the Golden Oldie.  Those U.K.s sure got a winner with those buzzers. I must say, they work like gangbusters on the wilds here.  The water was a nice chilly 41F, but most of takes were hard.  With "more than four" we hiked on back to the car.  And what a hike it was!

Josh working the slack eddy seam on this beautiful riffle.

Giants must live around here!

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