Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Winter session 19, A great day for a dry fly

  Well, got out today on this 62f degree day to do some flying. I met up with Josh and we hit a stretch on my favorite freestone stream.  The air was warm and water was about 47f degrees, and the bugs were hatching very well. I arrived on the stream around 11am, and started to nymph with Josh. It wasn't long before I had fish taking the oldie. Then the trout began to rise steadily for a short bwo hatch.  I removed my nymphs and tied on a little olive dun. The one I tied on was a darker one as I was noticing some rather large black midges milling about.  I also trimmed the hackle off the bottom. My first cast I had a wild brown take the fly but I missed him.  On my next cast, the wild brown came right and took the fly. The fish put up a good fight and I after the photo I thought, Wow. I was surprised the hook didnt pop as I had the wild brown just barley hooked. 

 We moved on up and Josh tied an Infamous pink worm for a trailer, and boy did he start nailing trout. It was just fish after fish. The old infamous lived up to its reputation today.  The wild browns were taking it and so did the wild brook he wrangled up.   There were quite a few stoneflies around and got some pics of them.

 We then met up with Josh's friend and hit a different stretch of stream. I stuck with the dry fly and didnt get anyone to rise in the area, Josh and his friend got into a good number of wild browns. I departed and headed to my local spring creek for some New Jersey February dry fly action.  I found some risers and manged to hook and land one. Then I found a couple more and got another.  I went down stream as the sun set on a beautiful day, and took some more cast at some rising trout. My second drift, a brown came up and exploded on the fly but missed it. I laughed and deciced that was enough. What a great February day.

A gelatinous brown on the Golden Oldie

My first wild brown on the dry  for February. He put up a great fight.

This male had a nice hooked jaw and you see i barley had him hooked.

This hen said she love Pink

Who says Males dont love pink. Well wild male brown trout certainly like the Infamous pink.

A trophy size wild brookie.

Just beautiful.

Notice the really small wings on this stonefly.

This little fellow took the little dark olive dun on my favorite New Jersey spring creek.


  1. OMG!!! Even browns on the IPW? Very cool..

    1. Lol, Yup, even wild browns on occasions cant resit the infamous.

  2. Awesome. Love that brookie.

    1. Thank you Alan, he sure was a beauty.