Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The still born midge

 Rodger Hill's still born midge is without a doubt the deadliest midge dry fly I have ever used.  It is a griffiths gnat with the addition of a muskrat underfur tail. I have and do use g-gnats but I truly can say that the muskrat tail does make it more effective.  Some times a shuck'll do ya!  The one to left there is tied on a Daichii 1130. Its a light wire continuous bend hook aka scud hook. I prefer my g-gnats and still borns on a light wire scud or emerger hook. I think the clearer gap helps.  I tie them with a red for the Musconetcong river. There are midges there with big red eyes. The wild browns approve of the red.  Be creative and try all different color heads them. Also twist them up with different color peacock hurl and even hackle. The possibilities are endless.   I like to fish these at sipping trout and my preferred sizes for that are 18-24 and I like a size 14-16 for a searching pattern. 
Hook-Daiichi 1130
Thread- Red uni 8/0
Hackle- Grizzly saddle hackle
Body- Peacock hurl
Rib-x-small silver wire
Shuck- muskrat under fur.

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