Saturday, February 4, 2012

Johnny's Spartan Buzzer, tutorial.

Here is a buzzer I put together. I call it the Spartan buzzer.  I gave it this name because of the colors I used in the creation of the pattern. The fly is new so whether it works is unknown.  But you can bet I will be putting this warrior to the test!.  I will report back in fishing reports on this one. And if you twist some up and take them out, Please comment back on how they worked!  Click the read more for the tutorial.

Hook-Daiichi 1120 #10-16
Thread- Gordon Griffith Grey
Rib- Sparton clear wrap, one side colored with a red sharpie
Breathers- White marabou
Wing buds- Gold Holographic tinsel
Flashback- Opal mirage tinsel 
Hook in vise, Start the thread at the eye and wind back a quarter of the way

Take about 8-10 marabou fibers from a plume, wet them so they are manageable. Tie them in and wrap forward. Be sure to leave some room at the eye!  Trim the bou on an angle so make a taper.

Wind the thread back and bring it forward to where the taper starts.

Hit the clear wrap with the sharpie on one side, then tie it on marker side down. Wrap the thread back to the rear, tying in the wrap. Nice touching turns.  (by tying in the wrap maker side down, when you wrap the marker side will up, allowing for the color blending)

Wrap the clear wrap up, nice open even wraps. Tie it off and snip the extra

Wrap the thread forward to the bou and lift up and put some wraps in front. This step is important to keep the right shape and to keep your thread from slipping.

Tie in the mirage tinsel

Tie in the holographic tinsel. I like to fold it around the thread and place it under the thorax and wrap the thread back, keeping it under.

Pull the tinsel forward and on top. Put a couple of loose wraps on it. Take your bodkin and pull the tinsel out a bit to form the wing buds. Take some tight turns and snip off the extra. Wrap to the eye, under the bou. Bring the thread back behind the bou

Pull the mirage tinsel over and take one turn on and then one on the shank, bring the thread in front of the bou. Snip off the tinsel.

Whip finish in front of the bou.

Re-wet the bou. Make sure you get it fully saturated. This will prevent it from wicking up the varnish.

Use your favorite varnish to coat the body. I used Bug bond thin.  Its great using a U.V. product with buzzers. Its quick and easy. One coat is all that is needed.

I then like to hit it with a light coat of sally's.  Just a thin coat, all the way around. This gives it a really nice shine.

Trim the bou to make the breathers.

Fluff them up and your Spartan is ready for war!

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