Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Gift from a fellow fly tyer.

  I was super stoked to come home the other day to find a package from the royal mail service. I have been in contact with Davie McPhail about trading some wood duck feathers for some spools of sparton clear wrap. He used the materials in tying a cinnamon & brown emerger and also in tying a duck fly midge pupa, I being a fly tying maniac, simple had to have this material.  Inside the package was a letter from Davie, along with two spools of clear wrap and 1 cinnamon & brown emerger and 1 duck fly, tied by Davie. 

The clear wrap is great stuff. You get a ton on a spool, nothing like a utc spool! The material is a flexible but very strong clear plastic strip. Its width is 1 mil. and it takes makers really well.  I used the stuff on my Spartan Buzzer.
  Thank you Davie!

Here is Davie's videos on tying the two flies. Check out how he uses the material.