Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fly tying videos, The Nicheo, and the Still Born Midge

This post as the title describes holds two fly tying videos. The Nicheo is first up, and if you have been following along with the winter sessions, then you may be interested in seeing this fly. I have been fishing with this version a lot latley for the bwo hatches. It floats great, no floatant required and its durable.

Here is a video of Roger hill's Still Born Midge. I like to twist them up on light wire scud hooks, The red thread I feel makes it work better on some of my local water. The muskrat tail makes the fabled griffiths gnat the still born midge, and I have found that it does infact make the fly more effective.


  1. Great videos!

    Thanks for posting.

    I witnessed first hand the effectiveness of these flies and I'm def gonna tie some up.

  2. Thanks for the video! I'll be tying up a few of these soon.