Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fly tying videos, The Nicheo, and the Still Born Midge

This post as the title describes holds two fly tying videos. The Nicheo is first up, and if you have been following along with the winter sessions, then you may be interested in seeing this fly. I have been fishing with this version a lot latley for the bwo hatches. It floats great, no floatant required and its durable.

Here is a video of Roger hill's Still Born Midge. I like to twist them up on light wire scud hooks, The red thread I feel makes it work better on some of my local water. The muskrat tail makes the fabled griffiths gnat the still born midge, and I have found that it does infact make the fly more effective.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Winter session 37, Dry flies with friends

 Well got out today for some flying in the late morning. I met up with George from over at wildfly365  and Josh on one of our favorite freestone streams.  It wasnt long before the midges and stones got the trout coming up to the film.  The first couple all we did was put down, but we then got to the next spot and we all got one. We dry flied the day away at rising trout. The trout fell for the oddball quill gordon, the still born midge, a caddis cripple, a bi-visible, elk hair caddis, and the spent stone.   We caught some hard fighting browns and Josh got a a really nice wild brookie that escaped the camera.  We fished at the risers till they quit at dusk, then we switched over to nymphs to finish the evening. The U.V. High Test Hares Ear and an RS-II where the ticket with the nymphs.  We managed to get some browns and a bow while we nymphed. We reached the end of the stretch just as the sun began on its final decent.  With "more than four" and the sun setting fast, we hiked on back to the car.   Thank you Josh and George for the day fishing, I had a great time.

Winter session 36, an evening rise.

Well got out late yesterday for some flying. Got to my favorite little spring creek around 330 and the fish were sipping spent midges and  stones. I tied on a gnat and I was into a little wild brown rather quickly. There was a TON of midges in the air and on the water. It was like a stew in the film, thick with midges.  There was quite a few fish dippin and sippin.  Light was short as the clouds came rolling in. I fished till dark set in, catching fish pretty consistently. No monsters, but all wild beauties. :).

Sunday, February 26, 2012

How to strip peacock hurl with bleach to make quills.

  Here is a video I did on stripping peacock hurls with bleach to make quills.  Its simple and easy to make a lot quills quickley.  Clorox bleach in 1 part and hot tap water in 3 parts will make the bath to strip to hurls. Then a simple rinse in tap water and then a soaking in a bath of hot tap water mix with baking soda for 15 mins. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Winter session 35, another day of the rise

 Well got out yesterday briefly for some flying in the late morning into the early afternoon. I hit my local spring creek. The weather was really nice and the trout were taking stones on top when arrived. I tied on the spent stone and first cast got a wild brown. The spent stone worked for some time then, I switched to the still born midge and was back into them. I went back and for with spent stone and still born. Some times a little twitch of the fly or a skitter did the trick.  The wind started blowing harder and my time was up, so "with more than four" I headed on home.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Winter session 34, Stoneflies and the rise.

 Well, got out today for some flying late morning. Met up with Josh and we headed to a small stream for dry fly action, we hoped.  The weather was gorgeous today. High of 57f. Ill take that all winter! Well the warm weather got the stoneflies out and about to egg lay in mass today. Once this started the trout began rising. Some for active egg layers and others sipping spent egg layers. Josh got the active feeders with a bi-visible, that i tied him some time ago.  The sippers I picked up, they all fell for the spent stoneflies I tied up last night. I will do a video and tutorial on them. They sit nice and flush in the film and they do stay in film. Dilly wax is a great thing however. We fished at risers till near dark, it was quite a dry fly day for February. With "more than four" we hiked on back to the car. Sorry about the pics, Forgot the camera!!!

Winter session 33, Small stream and rising trout

   Well, got out yesterday for some flying with my friend Josh. We went on a bit of a recon mission in the morning and then in afternoon we stopped off at a nice little stream. With the lack of rain we have been having, this stream was on low spectrum of its flow for sure. As luck would have it, we arrived just in time for a great winter stone egg laying. The trout were taking spent adults on the surface, just sipping them in like they do with mayfly spinner and midges.  We both tied on a still born midge in a size 16 and in short order we got into wild browns. We moved from pool to run for a length up stream. We attempted to come down at the fish for a bit of better presentation, but these guys spotted you way before you could get into position. So we stuck with the up and across, and long leader presentations.  Some of the take were so gentle they were practically unnoticeable. The wild browns were beautiful and with "more than four" we heading on back to car.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Winter session 32, A Nicheo afternoon

  Well, got out today in the morning and met up with Fredy,(that's him) and b.s.ed  with him while he fished for synthetic fish. He got into some nice ones and I played his camera man.  I spent the morning with him and he hooked me up with some studs for my lugs. THANKS FREDY!!!  I then head out to meet up with Josh to fish our favorite freestoner.  We started off nymphing, the water was a nice 46F and we soon found rising trout. Some rising for spent midges and others taking bwos.  Long story short. The Nicheo did it again.  It took numerous trout and kept on floating. No floatant required fish after fish.  The Nicheo tutorial and video will up soon.  The hot nymph today was the lightning bug. The trout were hammering that gaudy thing.   So with "more than four" we headed on back to the car, talking about the dry fly action. It was a blast for Feb 20 on a freestone stream!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Winter session 31, Wilds on the dry

Well, got out today with George from wild fly 365 and his friend.  I took them out on my favorite little New Jersey spring creek.  The day started of slow for the dry flies, but once the olives started to come off the fish got active. The browns we caught today were all very beautiful. Very nice red on them.  We all got fish on the dry which I was very pleased about. So for the little bit of hatch it was a good time. It was nice getting out on a sunday, i so rarely do at this time of the year.  The productive flies for the hatch were parachute bwo's and the olive quill body Nicheo. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Winter session 30, attack of the NICHEO!!!!

 Well, I finally got out on a Saturday. This never happens for me in the winter, but my daughter is with her grandmother for the weekend so a flying I went.  I had somethings to do in the morning, so i didnt get out till around noonish. Which was perfect because the baetis where just starting to hatch on my local limestoner.  I still had the odd ball on from last time so I cast it out and was quickly into a wild brown. A quick pick and a release. I put some more drift over some trout but they didnt want the odd ball.    So i swapped out for a nicheo, This nicheo was tied using a stripped and dyed peacock quill. I stripped and dyed a bunch yesterday.  This nicheo was the ticket. The trout really dug it.  It was a nice day and a good hatch today.  With "more then four" I headed on home, before the rain came. 

The olive quill body Nicheo. The thorax is dry in the pic, so the color doesnt match but when its wet, it blends perfect.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The Oddball Quill Gordon, Tutorial and video

  The Oddball Quill Gordon was devised by a nameless man, who fishes the lower Cheeseman canyon section of the South Platte River.  The only place I know that this fly is talked about is in Ed Engles book "Tying small flies". Which is one of my favorites.  In the book, Ed tells a story about fishing a bwo hatch, and how, like me the other day, couldn't get a trout to take the go to standards.  He goes on to say how he had saw this man before and how on this day, he was catching trout left and right.  Ed mustered up the courage and asked the gentleman what he was using.  The man handed Ed the oddball quill gordon. in a size 18.  Ed describes how he fished the fly, just like the old gentlemen did, Down and across to the rising trout.  Ed was quickly into fish.  If you dont own tying small flies by Ed Engle, you should. Its a great book.

   If you read my winter session 29 fishing report, I had a situation just like in the book. Except I was the one with the oddball, fishing it down and across. I was getting fish left and right, and I talked to an older gentlemen and I told and showed him the oddball quill gordon.   Funny how things go down sometimes.

 Without a doubt this fly should be in your box, Its a great fly that works on small mayfly hatches. Its a wonderful variation to the famous, and fabled Quill Gordon. I agree with Engle that when this fly is fished down and across, giving it a twitch, drag, dead drift is the ticket. If you watch baetis hatch you will notice that they flop around in attempt to dry there wings for flight.(many mayfly species do this) The trout key in on this action. When the fly goes dead drift to regain its energy, gulp.  (click read more)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Winter session 29, a freestone morning and odd afternoon

 Well, got out yesterday morning with my friend Josh.  We went to hit a freestoner not to far from his house.  The water was a chilly 38f in the morning. Josh quickly got into a  nice brown that put up on heck of a fight. He took a black bow tie buzzer. We nymphed on up stream, the bite was slow but we did manage "more than four". I forgot to charge my camera battery, so it died half way through.  We fished up to a point were the water goes flat glass. We stopped and watched the glass for a bit to see if any trout were dimpling. Nope, so back to the car we went. We drove to check out one of the tributaries, but it was very small, and ultra slow.  I then had to drop Josh off, so I decided I would go hit a limestoner for some possible baetis action.

  I arrived on stream around 1pm, and trout were rising.  I quickly made my way into position up and across from the rising trout.  I tied on a bwo dun and drifted it over several trout.... Nothing. I switched out for the Nicheo and sent it a drift....Nothing. I tried a smaller size Nicheo....Nothing..  I thought, hmm I wonder what size and color the baetis are. Just then, one emerged right next to me. The nymphal case was very dark brown almost black and the mayfly that popped out was not olive colored at all. It looked more like a red quill but it was a beatis.  I dont carry many dries this time of the year, so i looked in my box to see what i had that could possibly match.  The oddball quill gordon was the only dark pattern I had. The rest were all of an olive shade.  I quickly tied the oddball gordon on and sent it a drift. A rather large brown came up and engulfed the fly. I lifted the rod and he wasnt there. Nor was my fly. The 7x didnt hold up.  I ran 6x to my new oddball.  It worked like magic. If the trout didnt take it on the first dead drift a little skitter to the fly and then dead drift got them.   Boy what a fun afternoon it was odd balling that the hatch.  Met a fellow fly tier and angler on the stream. Had a great talk with about tying.  Nice meeting you Barry!

The oddball Quill Gordon.  My afternoon saver. Tutorial and video will be up next post. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Winter session 28, Bwos, Charlies and a Tiger

  Well, got out today for some flying with some friends. We hit my favorite N.J. spring creek in late morning. We started off nymphing and the Mad Man managed one on one of his creations, Way to go Mad Man!  I saw a fish rise, so I swapped out for a bwo dun. A couple of cast later I had the little fellow who I saw rising.  We pressed on up stream, and then the bwos started hatching. The fish started to key in on them. I had a slow hand today, because I missed 3 in row. I decided to sit out for a bit. Fredy(that's him) tied on bwo and got himself a pair. Way to go Fredy! Congrats on your February wild browns on the dry. Then I moved up and got another.
 We then convened for lunch. We headed on over to Charlies Pool Room for some mealies!!   After we ate Fredy and Mad Man headed on home, and I returned to the creek.  I went back to a spot where we saw some rising but didnt mange any. I still had a Nicheo on the line, so I gave it a few drifts......Nothing. Then I swapped out for the Still Born Midge(musky style) It was actually one I tied in the video. First drift and a good size nose came up and the fly disappeared. I set hook and the trout said see ya! Reel screaming, as he raised up stream. I knew where he was trying to go, there is a really nice undercut full of tree roots up in the direction he was running to. I put the brakes on but didn't want to brake to hard seeing how I was using 7x. But the Guru did its job and the tippet held up fine through the fight. When I got a glimpse of the fish, I wasnt sure what I had. Then when I got him closer and got a clearer look, I was surprised. A long while hold over or a one in a million. A quick pick and away he went. The fins where all long and pristine, what a beauty. With sun going low and my phone blowing up for dinner, I headed on out.  What a great day on the water, the weather and company was great. 

The still born midge

 Rodger Hill's still born midge is without a doubt the deadliest midge dry fly I have ever used.  It is a griffiths gnat with the addition of a muskrat underfur tail. I have and do use g-gnats but I truly can say that the muskrat tail does make it more effective.  Some times a shuck'll do ya!  The one to left there is tied on a Daichii 1130. Its a light wire continuous bend hook aka scud hook. I prefer my g-gnats and still borns on a light wire scud or emerger hook. I think the clearer gap helps.  I tie them with a red for the Musconetcong river. There are midges there with big red eyes. The wild browns approve of the red.  Be creative and try all different color heads them. Also twist them up with different color peacock hurl and even hackle. The possibilities are endless.   I like to fish these at sipping trout and my preferred sizes for that are 18-24 and I like a size 14-16 for a searching pattern. 
Hook-Daiichi 1130
Thread- Red uni 8/0
Hackle- Grizzly saddle hackle
Body- Peacock hurl
Rib-x-small silver wire
Shuck- muskrat under fur.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Winter session 27- The wind, the woods and the native char

  Well, Got out today for some small stream flying.  I was a little hesitant about going today. While I had my morning cup of joe, the wind was a whipping. I don't care much for winter fly fishing with a lot of wind.  It just makes it to cold out. But after I shot a tying video I decided I would head out and go for some brook char. I  decided to hit a stretch of a stream that I never winter fished before, but with it being a tail water fishery I knew it would fish well in the winter.  The stream was iced up just a bit, but the water was a nice 43f. Once I had a reading, I tied on a black buzzer with a #8 shot above it.  The first couple of pools didn't produce well and it may have been because the sun wasn't helping me with my shadow. I sneaked up to the next run and flicked my buzzer in and boom. A quick pic and away he went. I manged to nymph up "more than four", but not to many were calm enough for pics. Shame to since I love the looks of those beautiful char.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A different dun. and the S.G.M. Festival

My Nicheo dun. This one is a size 18 and will be used on bwo hatches. 
Come on out to the Sparse grey matter tying festival in califon and say hello, I will be tying these flies there.  I will be tying for my T.U. Chapter at the event.(R.V.T.U). If you leave a comment and request a fly you would like me to tie along with the Nicheo.

SGM- Fly Tying Fest 2012
Dette’s Trout Flies and Shannon’s Fly Shop are teaming up
for their 2nd annual Sparse Grey Matter fly tying event in
Califon NJ.
Join us for a day of fly tying and fish talk.Bring your vise and
materials or just stop by to see some of the area’s best tyers,
doors are open to everyone.
The event will be held in the spacious Califon Fire House
ballroom, right across the street from Shannon’s Fly Shop.
Any questions call Shannon’s (908) 832-5736 or email Dan
Time: 10:00am-4:00pm
Date: Sunday, February 26th
Location: Califon Fire Company Inc
41 Main St, Califon NJ, 078303

Friday, February 10, 2012

Winter session 26, The Rise

   Well got out  for a  brief time this afternoon on my favorite New Jersey spring creek. The water was a nice 47f. I started out with the U.V. High Test Hares Ear.  I got into a small wild brown right away. The feisty fella didn't let me get a pic. As I stood back up, I saw a rise, and then another. So I quickly tied on a olive dun, as I did notice an olive on the water. I watched it come down the current seem from the riffle and gulp.  I made my first drift, nope. My next cast put the fly right next to the bank. It drifted slowly and then, gulp. A nice little wild brown had taken the fly.  A quick pic and thank you and a way he went.  I moved up into the next run and sure enough more fish were rising. I managed several trout in this run and few in the next run. I had to pick my daughter up from school so away I went. With "more than four" I was satisfied, having good success with the dry fly in February.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Winter session 25 Freestone and limestone

  Well, got out early this morning to meet up with Josh and fish are favorite freestone stream. We fished  a section we hadn't hit in a while.  It wasn't long before I got a suspected wild bow. The trout flopped out of my hand right as I was pressing the shutter button on the camera. Oh well, this happens often enough that it doesn't matter.  We nymphed up through the section and got into some wild browns. The Golden Oldie was responsible for all but one brown. That one took the Rubber Diamond Duckie. 
  When we reached the end of the stretch, I got a call from George aka wild fly 365.  He was in the area and wanted to meet up to fish. We both agreed on a limestoner, so I departed from Josh and off I went to meet up with George.  We got the stream just in time for a bwo hatch. We did manage a few on the nymphs before the hatch started. The Golden Oldie got me mine, and George got his on a Rs-II.  I tied on the bwo dun and it wasnt long before I had a wild brown rise to it and he was on.  I got a number of them, but for some reason just couldnt land them. Never the less, it was a blast.  Then George and I head over to a different limestoner. George got himself 2 browns and his birthday prize fish. Happy Birthday George, it was nice getting out with you!

A winter wild freestoner morning.

Yummy Golden Oldie!!!!

Happy Birthday G! Congrats on that poor man's bone!!!!

Winter session 24, Flying with the Mad Man

Well, got a call from the Mad Man yesterday and he wanted me to join him on a popular New Jersey wild trout stream.  I agree to and headed on out. We met up and hit a mid section of stream. It was cold and cloudy all day so nothing was hatching, didnt even see a midge. The water was chilly 35f degrees, and river was running a touch high.   It didnt take long before I had my first wild brown to hand, didnt take the mad man long  either.  I got a wild trifecta and one of the browns I caught put a great fight.  With "more than four" we hiked on back to the cars.  All in all it was a good winter days fishing.  The u.v. high test hares ear was responsible for all my fish and the mad man did well the Golden Oldie.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Winter session 23, Fishing after Heron.

 Well, got out today in the afternoon and explored a new stream. Its a freestoner in New Jersey.  It was warm in the afternoon so I found a couple of fish rising!. But these fish were rising under some fallen branches! Bummer. I didn't let it discourage though. I cast gently right at the branches and on about the 6th cast I  got in there and it came drifting down and the brown took it. A quick fight and I landed him. I had noticed a lot of heron tracks on the beaches and in the sand on the stream bottom. The brown I caught had the heron trademarks right on his sides. What a lucky fish to have gotten away. A quick pic and off he went.  I explored more, working my up stream, I got small brookie to rise to the fly and splash at it, but I didnt get him.  I went up stream quite a was and didnt get anymore to rise.   I did see a lot of heron tracks on the way and I believe I was fishing right behind him.  All in all it was beautiful afternoon and hiking around on the new stream was fun.
The trout were rising underneath the branch on the right bank side.

Sorry for the blurry pic, But trout need to get back in the water fast. But you can still make out the heron scars on his side by his dorsal fin.

In the center of the photo there is a heron track in the sand right at the spot I caught the trout.  (if you see the oak leaf, its to the right of that.)
 Thank you everyone that reads my reports, I hope you enjoy them. Have a great Wednesday.