Friday, January 6, 2012

Winter session 6

 Well, got out today with my friend again. We fished a section of freestone stream that has much pocket water. The morning started off  cold, but by the time we quit, it was gorgeous out. Well at least for January.  The water was a flowing at what its normal depth, not high and not low. The sun was shining bright and with no leaves on the trees, it made for some limited fishing.   We found trout in thin water a couple of times, but no one was biting in the primes. The fishing was fair and we both barley got "more than four", but we enjoyed the time out.  The stream is certainly cold and there was some cool looking ice sculptures here and there. I sure do enjoy winter fly fishing.

  There was plenty of bug activity for Jan. 6th. There were plenty of small black stones hatching as well as caddis. I noticed an occasional rise, but nothing to make us switch from the nymphs.  The hot fly today was the Golden Oldie, every fish i caught came on it.

Winter stone flies....on debris.....

Winter caddis


  1. Great looking pics.

    Just wish i had the energy to join you guys. This cold is killing me big time. I fished for a few hours locally and all i kept hearing was my bed calling.

  2. Nice pics of the caddis and stone fly. I can't wait to get out tomorrow. Your doing a great job on the reports !