Thursday, January 5, 2012

Winter session 5

  Well, got out today with my friend Josh.  We fished a couple of section of our favorite freestone stream. It was cold to start but as the day went on, it well, stayed cold.   The first section didnt produce to well, but the other two were better.  The trout are showing signs of the cold of winter. They are seeking deeper waters. We found the vast majority of the trout we caught in the deeper areas of the stream. 

  There were midges hatching and I even saw a few bwos, but on this freestone stream, the trout never rise much, especially this time of the year. The top producing fly today was bit of a surprise as it beat out the Golden Oldie and the Kaufmann stone. The Rubber Diamond Ducky was catching wild browns today extremely well.  I will certainly be tying more of these for the future sessions.


  1. Love those head shots.

  2. Cool pics!
    I envy you, I'm still sick.