Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Winter session 18, Wild rainbows, Dry fly action!

 Well today Josh and I got out on a N.J. wild trout stream. It sure is a beauty and the hiking was fun. But the fishing was so, so. The creek we fished boast wild bows, brooks, and browns.  The weather today was beautiful and so was the flora and the fishy fauna.  The weather warmed up and man did the bugs start hatching!! Winter caddis out the ying yang, and fish going bonkers. I swapped out the nymphs and rigged up for dry fly action.  I didn't have anything good for a representation of the hatching pupa,(I was armed with nymphs and midges)  but I did managed to get a little guy on a rs-II fished dry. The commotion the fish made once hooked, put the other down, and they didn't return. The hatch was over rather quickly, only about 15mins or so.

  So back to the nymphs I went and we worked up stream further. We seen a rise here and there but we didn't have any trouble getting to take the nymphs.  The buzzer did well on the bows and the U.V. High Test Hares Ear did well on the browns.  But the definite winner of the day was the Golden Oldie. With "more than four" we hiked on back to the car to head on home.

This handsome little devil took the dry RS-II. I got my January dry on the last day!  To catch a trout on the dry, every month this year is a goal of George's over at Wild fly 365, I liked the idea so I figured I would make it goal of mine as well!

This handsome bow slammed an improved zug bug.


  1. That's one fish we don't have much of here in CT. There are only a few that have wild rainbows.
    Those you pictured are really beautiful.

  2. Great pics!!!and Fish!