Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter session 10, attack of the buzzer!

Well, Got out today to one of my absolute favortie mountain freestoner. Hidden in the  valley it cuts, was a some excellent fishing and hardly any wind. We got into fish right away.  We hiked the usual route up stream, admiring the woods and the stream. The hurricane knocked down many trees in these woods and the stream changed in many areas, some areas very dramatically.  We saw a pair of black squirrels, didnt know pa had them..... The wind did get through in areas and when it did it was COLD!, but that's all part of winter fishing.  The U.V. high test hares ear did very well, but the black buzzer did extremely well.  The buzzer to left is the one I used today, and like I said, it did extremely well.  With "more than four" to hand  we hiked on back to our cars.

Materials- Daiichi 1120 #16
Thread- M.F.C 8/0 black
Rib- extra fine silver french tinsel
Wing buds- sulpher biot
Back- Medium opal tinsel
Breathers- White marabou

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  1. Looks like a beautiful stream. Your putting in a lot of time this winter. I like it.

    1. A truly beautiful place for sure. A lot of time indeed. I am a winter trout bum all the way!