Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rubber Diamond Ducky with tutorial.

Rubber legs are everywhere I look. There on pretty much any fly you can name. A friend of mine fishes rubber legged flies often, and I do see there effectiveness. So I figured I would put together some rubber legged nymphs together. I wanted a rubber legged trailer fly and so the Rubber Diamond Ducky was born

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Hook- Daiichi 1560- #12-16
Thread- Uni-8/0 tan
Tail- Mallard flank dyed wood duck
Rib- Midge ice braid 
Abdomen- Mallard flank fibers wood duck gold
Thorax- U.V. high test. 
Wing case- Flat diamond braid, black. and a drop of U.V. Resin.
Legs- Fine round rubber legs.

Start the thread, and run it back to the barb.  
Tie in about a dozen Mallard flank feather at the the tail. Tie in on top with two turn, one in front of the other.  Run the thread up two thirds of the shank.
Tie in the midge ice braid, When you catch it in, pull on the center pieces of braid and pull. It will pull the braid the apart. This will make it wrap flat. Wrap back to the tail tie in.

Bring the thread back up. Stop about a hook eye and half back from the eye.

Wrap the duck forward, wrapping the opposite way you wrap the thread.

Counter rib the duck with the braid. Nice open wraps, you should get at least three ribs in.

Tie in the diamond braid on top. Wrap it back so its its about half way on the shank. This will ensure it has a nice size wing case, not to short and not to long, Just right.

Tie in the rubber legs, a strand on each side of the shank.

Dub the thorax, be sure to dub behind the rear rubber legs, and in front of the front legs.

Pull the diamond braid over to form the wing case.

Form a nice head and whip finish.

Trim the rubber legs, Pull the rubber and snip it at the bend of the hook.  Dont stretch it.

Now that the legs are sized and cut, take your finger and thumb and from the top, stroke any rouge fibers down. You want to get them out of the way.

Put a nice drop of your favorite U.V. resin on top of the wing case.

You can varnish the head if you wish, Then to really make the wing case shine, put a thin coat of varnish on it.  The Rubber Diamond Duck is complete.


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