Monday, January 2, 2012

A new rod and winter session 4

Well, today started off with a trip to a fly shop. I wanted and needed a new 9ft 5wt. I love 9-5s for nymphing fishing. I picked up an orvis hydros.  I am not a gear head by any means, but I am well aware about this model of rod. I have been eying one up for some time.  So my friend and I went fishing to break in the new rod on some wild browns.

 It was cold, and yup, the water was and is cold as well. Not cold enough that the trout didnt bite.  We chose a favorite stretch of ours that we hadnt fished since the hurricane. The stream changed a lot in this area, and in both of our opinions it was better.  We nymphed right on up the section taking browns rather consistently in the runs and slack water areas.  My friend was using a brown kaufman stone, and it kicked butt. My fish came on the u.v. high test hares ear, with a pearl wing case.  We fished right till dusk and we both were very please with the quality of the catch. With "more than four" we headed on back to the car.  It was a lot of fun relearning this section and it was amazing to see how much  it had changed.

 The rod is great, casts wonderfully, and has enough back bone to flip slack line, but soft enough to feel every vibration from the fish, hell i think i could even feel the hook penetration. Carbon is really something to fish. Unique for sure.   Like I said, to me there is no rod I enjoy nymphing with more than a 9ft -5wt and hydros is great rod.   Viva Hydros!

A gelatinous brown.


  1. Great colors on those browns.
    Wonderful photos.

  2. Johnny, I got the Hydros and really like it , it is really lite. Nice pics. I gotta get out soon. Im going nuts. Been doing a lot of tying. I worked straight through the Holidays including weekends. It's tough when it gets dark at 5:00. Hopefully will get out soon. Im thinking of getting out on Sunday. Probably L Lehigh or Saucon.

  3. Great looking browns.
    Well done.