Sunday, January 1, 2012

First fishing day of 2012, winter session 3

  Happy New Year everyone. Well got out today for some fishing on this beautiful winter day. The weather was just gorgeous. Met up with my friend and we headed to one of our favorite freestone streams.  We picked a section that was usually good to us. The section wasnt doing much so we headed up stream further. My first cast, I hook into a really nice brown, that shot down stream like lighting.  A sky, and heavy head thrashing was the down fall to my knot. Yup...... Broke me off.  My knot failed. Oh well, cant land them all.

  We moved up to the run above and I got another nice brown not as large as the last but still a nice brown.  We then decided to head to a different stream for the tail end of the day. We did quite well in the last hour on our new destination. We both got "more than four" and my friend got a double.  It was something else.

   The flies today were a rubber leg kaufman stonefly nymph, U.V. diamond scud, U.V. high test hares ear, and my newest midge creation, the Kat skat. The tutorial and video coming soon!  Forgive the pics, i forgot my camera yet again! So the following are phone pics.

 This trout and a couple others took the kat skat midge.

Congratulations  on the double!

Last brown of the day.


  1. Very nice report for the start of 2012. Congrats on that double guys.

    BTW. Can't wait to see that Kat Skat midge under the lens.

  2. A fine outing. I'm starting to use a few midges myself. I just need to take a few more fish with them to gain some confidence in the flies.

  3. Is this stream in NJ or PA? Just curious. Thanks!!!