Thursday, January 12, 2012

Buzz, Buzz, BUZZERS!!!!

Well I have been playing around tying buzzers since my friends success with one the other day. I have tied them in the past, but as I tied them, I began to enjoy tying them more and more. Here is some of them I tied so far. They are all size 16s


  1. George Sep 10, 2011 05:29 AM on the top secret post? who is this guy. G Lech?

    BTW. Nice tyes..

  2. Yes Mad Man, that is G-lech. You can put in whatever name you want when you leave a comment. If your signed in to your google account when you do so, your avatar will be published as well. Thank you. I tied up some size 20s and even a couple 26s!! They all came out well.