Thursday, December 8, 2011

Winter midges, Al's Rat

  Al's Rat, is a simple and effective midge pattern you can get. It was devised by the late Al Miller of Pa. He fished the Little Leigh every day. The pattern was designed to imitate the many midge pupa found in this river. It is a fantastic midge pupa any where. Al was a great man and one hell of fisherman. He believed in the theory and design methods of tying in the round.  This of coarse means that all sides of the fly are the same, no matter what way you look, the fly is the same.  I dont limit this pattern to winter. I fish it all year long. 

 Now lets twist on up!
Hook-20-24 I like to use a dry fly hook. Daiichi 1100 This ones a 24, Great deals at my sponsor on these.
Thread- Danville monocord brown
Body- Tying thread
Rib- Tying thread
Thorax- The original calls for muskrat under fur. I use my rat blend. Its a muskrat and sts grey blend. I think it makes the pattern work a little better. A little flash is a good thing.
Start the thread a touch behind the eye. Take a few wraps back, then remove the tag. This will help slim down the body

The monocord should lay flat as you wrap back. If it doesnt simple spin the bobbin holder to flatten it out. Wrap back to the bend.

Spin the bobbin holder to tighten up the monocord, making it a cord.

Take open turns forward to make the rib. 4-5 wraps is good.

Dub the thread. Just a touch of dubbin.

Wrap the dubbin to form a small ball at the thorax area.

Whip finish, trim your thread and you got yourself a deadly larva/pupa pattern. Every fish i catch with this fly I say "Thank you Al"

Heres the video
Enjoy :)


  1. Dang. You keep cranking out some good stuff. I sat down to tie some up tonight and kept getting interrupted. Wife is going out of town tomorrow night and must think I can't take care of the boys without her.

  2. Maybe a good producer, but the eyes won't let me do it.