Friday, December 16, 2011

The wind, a small spring creek, and wild trout.

  Well, Got out today for some flying. I headed on over to Pa, and to my second favorite spring creek.  The wind was blowing, but the air was mild. The trout were biting well, there was a minor midge hatch, but not enough to get the fish going. I nymphed the afternoon away. The trout were very eager to take the high test hares ear, I put  a zug bug as trailer about half way through the stretched i fished. The zug bug was a killer today.  I have no clue why this fly is being forgotten. It never lets me down and its easy to tie.  The take for the U.V. high test were gentle, but the zug got crushed every take.   I was happy to get a trifecta. I always enjoy the beauty of each trout i catch, so i do take a lot of pictures.  Well i fished to about 4 and covered a good mile of creek. I "caught more than four" and was quite satisfied with my catch and the beauty of this little gem of a stream.
The start of the Journey.
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First brown of the day, Took the Hot spot U.v. hares ear.

A very pretty Bow. Not bad on the weight and size either. This guy was full of fight.

This fellow has some large spots. He also had a runnin with a fisherman before as his mouth was scared as you can see.

This fellow had some shoulders on him. This one has some very unique spots.

A red tail and a ton of spots

Another handsome brown

Some old fungus.

Do you see the seam? This ones not to easy to notice.

This fellow was hanging in the seam. He to had a run in with a fisherman that left him scared.

A whale tail, and a huge mouth. Beautiful brook trout.

Big spots and big belly on this one.

Red spots and no white halos.

Holy spots!

This fellow with his red spots bleeding into his yellow crushed the zug.

Mr brown likes the zug bug.

The far seam that held the brown.

The end of the journey.


  1. Awesome pictures and post Johnny...

    Wish I had a few extra hours in the day today to join you. The Musky wasn't all that kind today :o( But the water level was nice. LOL

  2. Beautiful.

    Not so much coverage on the Zug Bug please.
    That last brown Perfect.

  3. Great post and pictures - some pretty fish there in PA. Was hoping to get out yesterday but opted for another day with the wind howling around here

  4. Pa spring creek ? Nice pics. Always good to get the trifecta.