Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wild brooks, exploring and revisiting.

 Well, Got out for some exploring this afternoon. The first stream i tried i was unsure of as there really is no information on the stream out there. The state does stock it, and I was told by a fellow T.U. member it does hold wilds. I fished 3 different stretches and not a fish. Hell i didn't even see a trout or even a fall fish.  So instead of trying other places on the stream, I opted to fish two areas of my favorite N.J. spring creek that I hadn't fished in a really long time.
I did a stretch running through an old field, which was restored years back.  I picked up a small brook trout from the stretch and spooks several trout. The sun was in the south and i was fishing north.  With this situation i didnt stand much chance so I headed to my location.  Its rather remote area but is assessable if your willing to hike.  I parked the car, and headed down into the ravine.  Its Rifle season here so I was taking a bit of gamble but whats life with out risks. I peered and look all around and didn't notice and stands.
  I walked down the large hillside down to the spring creek. I was quite happy to see some anacris in the sandy soil of the bottom of this pools tail out. I had a good feeling there would be brook trout here after I saw those.  My second drift produced a wild brook trout. I got it in and took a pic. I let it go and my next cast I got really beautiful one of good size. I walked and fished the stream for some ways. I had one a nice wild brown but the fellow didn't want his picture taken. I got into some more trout before the sun dipped behind the mountains. I headed back to the car. It was really nice to get back into those woods, that i hadn't been in for so long. I plan to hit this area some more but doing a different piece of stream.  I nymphed all day as usual, my rig was a 11ft leader with 3ft of tippet. My flies where the u.v high test hares ear. Trailed by my waste midge pupa(tutorial and video coming)  All the fish caught with exception to the brown, where on the u.v. high test hares ear. 

Lots of undercuts like this one makes for great trout water.

I cant remember the name of this plant. If anyone know please comment and let me know.

A true American beauty. 


  1. Beautiful brook trout!

  2. Johnny nice pics. Gotta love the colors on those brookies.

  3. Johnny thoses are some great looking shots of fish & stream. Thanks for giving me a daily fix of trout material to read. As fishing for Bones,Snook, Tarpon, and Jacks in AUA is just not the same. ;o)

  4. There is nothing prettier than wild brook trout.

    An enjoyed post....thanks

  5. George- Thank you, they truly are a gem.

    Troutnut- Welcome to my fly corner. There is no prettier fish in fresh water here on in the north east.

    Mad Man- Thank you, How about you email me some pics and i will throw them up and give people a yearning for the tropics and Bones! I will do some more reports, I plan on getting out quite a bit. Be sure to pound some balashis for me!

    Brk Trt- Thank you, The colors are starting to fade a bit here. But none the less they still are true American beauties.