Tuesday, December 6, 2011

U.V. High Test Hare's Ear

pearl, black, chartreuse, and pink

The U.V. High Test hares ear, is my hares ear tie.  This is my lead  fly when i cant use the oldie due to the oldies weight.  It produces quite well. I have posted about in my fishing reports.  I use my u.v. high test blend for the dub, thus the name.

 I like to tie them with brown partridge legs for color contrast. But regular partridge works well also.  The wing case is Flat diamond braid. The black works particularly well. I also do them with pearl, chartreuse, and pink wing cases.  I coat the wing case with either Loons U.V. fly finish, or I use Aleene's Fabric fusion.  The rib is a small holographic gold tinsel, and a utc extra small wire.  For the tails i use wood duck but sometimes i use mallard. Bronze is nice because it complements the legs.  The fly holds up extremely well fish after fish.

 I am a Daiichi hook fan, and have been for time. I recently picked up sponsor for my blog. J.W. Trout.  He has fantastic deals on Daiichi hooks. Click on his link to the right and check out the savings.  For my U.V. high test hares ear I like the 1550 or the 1560.

Lets twist one up!

Bead on hook, 5-7 wraps of .015 lead pushed up behind the bead. Start the thread and run it back to about the barb. Get a small clump of wood duck flank.

Tie in the tail

Tie in the tinsel with one wrap

Tie in the gold wire and bring the thread to the bead, tying in the tail, tinsel, and wire. Bring the thread back down to just before the tail tie in point.

Dub the abdomen, Dub tightly, and make a nice carrot shape.

Bring the tinsel up through, nice evenly spaced turns.

Bring the wire up, wrap it right on top of the tinsel.

Tie in the diamond braid on top of the hook, bring the it back to about half way on the shank.

Dub the thorax, Dub loosely so it can be brushed out easier.

Get a partridge feather and cut the tip out. This is great for burning up those big partridge feathers.
Bring the feather so the end are on both sides of the fly, check the length, i like them to be to about the barb, any shorter and they just get caught up in the shaggy dubbing. Pinch them at the length, and take a few tight wraps over the butt end.

Trim the feather butts and bring the braid over to form the wing case.

Tie it down tight and trim the butt end. Put a half in

Take some velcro and ruff up the fly.

Gather all the long fibers and pull them straight down and trim them away. To long of  fibers takes away form the silhouette of the fly.

Give it another quick hit with the velcro. Dont hit the braid. It will break it if you do.

Whip finish. and trim the thread.

Add on the U.V. loon or aleens fabric fusion.  The fly is complete.


  1. nice SBS, I like the diamond braid for a shell back

  2. I must say though after just hangin' with ya at the fly tyer gathering your pics don't do this bug justice! That pearl braid makes a sick wingcase!

  3. I need to get some of that dubbing and wingcase material. Great looking bug.

  4. These look awesome...and love the addition of the UV.

  5. Like the braid, smart thinking.

  6. Thank you everyone. The fly produces extremely well.