Sunday, December 18, 2011

P.F.F. Fly tying mini jam

Well, yesterday i spent the day and evening with a great group of guys from the Pa. Fly Fish. The event was held at the Lehigh gap nature center. Which was a great locations for it. There were many demo tiers there and everyone was an excellent tier.  I demoed the Trout Bane. In which i was told i beat the fastest tie record.  We had dinner at the river walk. Good food and huge beers.  It was a great time and I would surely do it again.  Click the read more link on the bottom left there.

 Excuse the pics as i forgot my camera!, So its all phone pics. :(


  1. Looks like a good time, just a little too far of a drive for me. Though I just have to make a day for it if another comes about.


  2. Eek! You got some shots of me :) Haha. It was fun talking to you and I sure learned a lot! I look forward to next year, although I'll probably be drinking sprite instead of beer! Haha.

  3. Are they all tyers, or some wanting to be?

  4. ffmj- It was a great time and you should try to make it next year.

    Gaeron- It was fun and was nice talking with you. Hope to see there next year.

    Brk Trt- There was 19 demo tiers there and about 20 spectators. Most of which tie already.

  5. Looked like a good time Im kicking myself for not going. I could of learned some new things and met some more people. I choose to go fishing. Only plus is I caught a brownie on the ultra egg !!!