Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The NPA midge tutorial and video

 This is the NPA chironomid. The NPA was devised by someone at the North Park Anglers.  Its a simple and effective fly. Can be tied in range of colors and sizes. Black, Olive, Red, White, in sizes 12-20. You can go smaller with them if you wish. I like them in size 18-20.

Lets twist on up
Thread-Red utc 70
Rib-Fine silver wire
Thorax- Peacock hurl
Wing case- White antron
Breathers- White antron
Click the read more for the tutorial and video

Start the thread and run it back a quarter of the way

Tie in the rib.

Run the thread back to the barb, tying in the wire. Then bring the thread back up to about a hook eye behind the eye.

Rib the wire tie it off.

Tie in the antron, tie it in about a quarter the way back from the hook eye.

Tie in the peacock hurl and bring thread to about a hook eye behind the eye

Wrap the peacock

Bring the antron wing case over and tie it down with 2 tight turns on and two tight turn on the hook shank.

Whip finish

I like to ad some sallys to the wing case to re-enforce the antron.

Trim the breathers.

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