Friday, December 9, 2011

Johnny's Musky midge

  My muskie midge was devised a couple of years ago and is my secret weapon on the musconetcong midge hatches. There is a midge which hatches all year long that has an olive body, grey wings, and a red head, or at least its eyes are red, but they are so large on the bug that they take up the whole body. This midge isnt limited to the musconetcong river system, I have seen it all over from freestone to lime. The fly is effective for eastern Pa midge hatches as well.   This fly is where the muskrat/sts grey blend originated.     The design is of an al's rat(Miller) and a sparkle midge pupa(Borger).  I dont tie it any larger than a 22. The naturals of this midge are tiny. I do well with 22-26. 
Lets twist one up!
Click the read more link for the tutorial

Hook- any dry fly hook
Thread- monocord olive
Body- tying thread
Rib- tying thread
Thorax- Muskrat sts blend
Marker-Red sharpie
Start thread near the eye and wrap back to the bend

spin the bobbin holder to tighten the moncord into a cord and wrap it forward, ribbing the fly

Dub the thread, put a decent amount on.

Get your red sharpie

Color about a half inch worth of thread below the dubbin

Wrap the dubbin, keep all fibers going back.

Whip finish and trim the thread.  Dont worry if the marker bleeds onto the dubbin. Thats good.

Get your velcro and ruff up the dubbin and brush it back. Pull on the brushed out dubbin and trim it so its no longer then the length of the hook.  All done. Fish it in the film. Deadly. 

Here is the video. Enjoy :)

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  1. Nice pattern.. I'm gonna tye some up tonight and give them a shot tomorrow afternoon on a local river. I need me a Dec. Trout!