Thursday, December 15, 2011

Johnny's Amnesia Midge

Here is a creation of mine. It works well on rainbows and brook trout. It eve will catch the occasional brown trout. Its pretty simple to tie, just gotta find some amnesia mono in red. Sun Set is the name of the company who made it.

Hook- Daiichi 1275 #16
Thread- black 8/0
Body- Silver holographic tinsel
Rib-Red Amnesia mono15lbs
Collar- Bronze peacock hurl

Lets twist one up!

Start the thread and lay down a layer back to the barb.

cut a tapered end into the amnesia mono. and tie it on at the rear of the hook wrapping the thread forward.

Tie in the holographic silver tinsel

Wrap the tinsel back to the rear and then bring it forward. Nice and tight, touching turns.

Put down a thin layer of U.V. fly finish over the entire tinsel body

Wrap the amnesia mono forward. You should get 3-4 wraps in. Catch it with thread and put several binding turns to tie it off.

Hit it with the u.v. light to lock the mono in place.

Tie in the bronze peacock by the tips.

lay down some head cement to secure the peacock wraps.

Wrap the peacock forward.

Form a nice head and whip finish.

Give the head a coat of cement to gloss it up.(optional) The amnesia midge is complete.


  1. What does the uv light do?

  2. Tn, the U.V. light is used to cure the U.V. resin that I put on the tinsel body.(5th image in tutorial) The resin will keep the amnesia from sliding around on the tinsel.

  3. Oohhhh. Okay, now I understand. Thanks. I really need to try and tie some midges up. Love looking at yours.