Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Jack-o pupa tutorial and video

 The Jack-o pupa. Just a little something I whipped up that the fish dig. (I like it too)  Special thanks to George over at wildfly365
Johnny's Jack-o pupas
Lets twist on up!
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Hook- Daiichi 1120 #16-24
Bead- Silver lined hyacinth glass bead(a translucent sexy orange)
Body- tying thread Uni 8/0 grey
Rib1- 1 strand of black pheasant tail fiber
Rib2- Utc x-small silver wire
Wing- Top Secret wing material. 
Collar- Black rhea
Start the thread and form a tapered body going down to just a few turns before the barb.

Tie in the silver wire on your way back down. Go past the barb by a couple wraps. This will keep the taper going.

Tie in 1 piece of pheasant tail by the tip on your way up. Be sure to make touching turns on your way up. Keep the body smooth and the taper going.

Bring the pheasant tail fiber up, ribbing the fly.

Bring the wire up. Wrap the wire so it lays on the leading edge of the pheasant tail fiber.

Tie in a piece of top secret wing material. Trim it about half the hook shank.

Tie in the rhea feather

Wind the rhea forward, forming a nice collar. When you reach the bead, tie it off.

Whip finish. You have yourself a Jack-o pupa. 

 Wild brown trout approved.
Heres the video Enjoy 


  1. Awesome looking fly! Great choice of materials in creating this one. +1 :o)

  2. Mad Man- Thank you Bro! I have to twist up you up a few.

  3. Please do that for me. I have a few spots that them stockie bows would be suckers for them bigtime all winter long.

    Hey, does 9:30-10:00 work? Phone is dead...

  4. Nice twist. I gotta get some of that top secret wing material.

  5. Hi there:

    - Where do you purchase that type of bead?

    - I'd love to try this over on the Little Juniata or Spring Creek.


    John Coxey

  6. Johnny- You can find them at craft stores or online. Luigi beads has them i believe. They are silver lined hyacinth 11/0. Let me know how you make out with the fly on those streams.

  7. Hey Johnny,
    Beautiful fly! Orvis already stole it:

  8. It was nice meeting you Mike. Thank you for your compliments.

  9. Why is the wing material 'top secret'? Can't you just share it with everyone. It makes you look insecure and immature.

  10. Will S. aka wsender from Pa Fly fish. The wing material is called top secret wing material because it is the same material that is used in the top secret midge. The material is sold at the blue quill angler. The material was given its name by Pat Dorsey. Now dont you feel foolish.