Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jack-o, The Mad Man, and wild trout.

  Well, Got out for some flying today. A good friend by the name of Mad Man Steve, came on over to the fly corner. After we b.s.ed a bit, we headed on out to my favorite spring creek.  We got out on the water around 130ish. We picked a section and tied on some nymphs. I tied on the U.V. high test hares ear with hot spot, trailed by the Jack-0 pupa.  The Mad man tied on his hares ear/pheasant tail (awesome fly) followed by a yellow partridge and biot, that i had given to him on our last fishing adventure, to that god awful pequest tca.  We caught more than 4 and the nymph went like so, Jack-o won it, hares ear runner up, partridge and biot a respectable third.

Does the Jack-o pupa work? This trout and several others say YES!

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The red on this brown is stunning.

Mad mans gorgeous wild brown

yellow biot and partridge.

Hot spot U.V. high test hares ear


  1. I don't know how big the stream was, that gave up those browns. They're trophy's. Truly beautiful.

  2. All on different patterns ? That's great. Beautiful looking fish.

  3. Look at you with the hot spot nymphs! Nice looking fish bud! It's been too long since we fished. Work has been a killer. Nice work J.U

  4. Those are some beautiful browns with the red fringe on the adipose and tail fin - can't say I've ever seen that before !

  5. Brk- Thank you they are beautiful out of my favorite little spring creek

    Troutnut- I always post which fly got the most. Thank you and I love how beautiful the browns are in there.

    G- Thats the one i tied for the tutorial, the one that is pictured on neff. I figured id give it a go. It worked as well as one without it. It has been to long. I hope we can get out some time soon. Thanks.

    Mark- This little stream I fish certainly has some of the most beautiful wild browns in it that i have ever seen.

  6. Like they say, the fly will catch fish....I hope you flattened your barbs...those are some sweet fish, treat them well.