Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Frostbite chironomid tutorial, and season greetings.

Seasons Greetings Everyone!
  The origins of this fly is unknown according to the book Modern Midges. However it is extremely similar to the Brian Chan's Frostbite Midge.  I am sure there is some story there, but what it is, I dont know.  I will say it is an effective pattern for sure. Its a simple tie and can be tied in different colors. Size range from a 14 to as small as you tie them. I like the in size 18-22.
Lets twist one up.
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Hook- Daiichi 1130
Bead- copper
Thread- Black 8/0 M.F.C.
Body- original calls for frostbite braid. I subbed out for hareline midge ice braid. krystal flash works also
Rib- silver wire (small or xsmall)
Gills-Chan uses antron, but i use white poly. 
Thorax- Peacock hurl
Hook in vise, put the bead back at the bend for now.

Start the thread at the eye, and wrap back a quarter way and back up half the quarter.

Tie in the breathers. Be sure you dont use to much. Trim the butt ends so they taper to the rear and tidy up. Whip finish and snip the thread.

Slide the bead up to the eye.

Start the thread again behind the bead, trim the gills. About two eye lengths is good. You dont want to long and to short will prohibit your ability to push them out of the way when threading the tippet.

Tie in the silver wire.

Tie in the ice braid. With the ice braid or frostbite, pull on the braid so it comes undone. The mylar is fused in areas so pulling it apart completely is not possible. If you use krystal flash, use two stains, it will make save you some wraps. Tie it in and down on the way back, bring the thread back up to a few wraps shy of the bead.

Wrap the braid forward, if you dont over lap, the black body will show through, giving it a black cherry color. My camera doesnt capture the color right, it always looks more red.

Bring the rib up.

Tie in two peacock hurls by the tips.

Wrap the peacock hurl, and tie it off with two wraps.

Take a tight figure 8 wrap through the peacock hurl and whip finish behind the bead.

The Frostbite chironomid is complete.
Merry Christmas everyone, From everyone here at Utah's Fly Corner,  May your holiday be safe and wonderful. 


  1. Merry Christmas...

    Another nice & clean midge pattern J.U...

    Thanks for the great pattern that i'll tye up tonight as i wait for Santa's arrival.

  2. JU, Merry Christmas.

    In Praise of Wild Trout....a wonderful book.

  3. Hey whats up JU? What fly patterns are you working on for us at the fly corner?

    BTW: Do you have a source for Whiting's Brahma Hen Soft Hackle with Chick-A-Bou ???