Friday, December 30, 2011

The First winter flying fishing sessions.

Well, got out yesterday around noon, with my friend.   I find winter fishing to more productive at the warmest parts of the day, so i dont bother showing up at dawn most times.  The wind wasnt bad, and the air was cold but the trout didnt care. The bite was good for several hours and we each produced more than four.  The top producing flies where the U.V. High test hares ear, and  a rubber legged copper John. 

 The one area we fished, has a house that sits very close to the stream. They have a couple dogs fenced into the backyard.  The run below is a great one, it has always produced well for both of us. My friend put many drift through the run and no takes. Small pieces of leaf litter started coming down the stream, the home owner was sweeping his deck off, and some of the debris were making there way into the stream.  I looked down at the debris going because i noticed what appeared to be dog food drifting by. I looked back up streams and then the stream blew up! Trout started going nuts. They were eating the dog food pellets as they drifted down stream.  We both laughed and we asked on another if we had a dog food fly on us.   Now we now why there is always trout in that particular run!

A beautiful freestone steam. Reminds me a lot of the Delaware.

An upside down brown. In the winter i take very fast pictures, no posing in the cold.


  1. Glad you got out on a nice little creek. Pretty neat to watch the trout go nuts on dog food, I bet.

  2. A beautiful stream. The browns are wonderfully healthy.

  3. Just love them pics! Man I need to get over this lingering cold and get outdoors. That freestone is just splendid.

    Have a Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!