Monday, December 19, 2011

Big Mac Tutorial and Montana Mac video

A big mac pile, with Montana Macs mixed in.
  The Big mac pupa was devised by John Tavenner. He is a guide, fly tier an fly designer out in New Mexico. He has developed many patterns that are now the bread and butter on the San Juan. Here is John's site.

  The Big Mac is an effective pattern, that works great on limestone streams, as well as tail water fishers.  The fly can be varied in colors and ribbing in between the micro tubing. You can let your imagination run wild with this pattern.  The sizes i find to be effective are 18-22. #16s will work as well.

Lets twist one up

Hook- daiichi 1270
Thread- Slate Grey 8/0. (tie them in any color you want. Olive, grey, brown, and red work rather well)
Body- Tying thread
Rib- Clear micro tubing
Thorax- Stella dub(original calls for super fine)
Start the thread about a hook eye or so behind the eye, lay down 5 or so wraps going back. Cut the tag

Tie in the micro tubing. Leave some in front to balance out the body.

Tie down the micro tubing on the back, Keep pulling it tight the entire time, so keep the profile small. Bring it back to the barb and bring the thread back up to the about a hook or so behind the eye

Rib the fly with the micro tubing. Take close turns. Catch it with the thread and stretch it as you tie it off. Stretch it, when you snip the tag off as well.

Dub the thorax. You want a noticeable ball, but dont go crazy.

Whip Finish and you have yourself a standard Big Mac.

 Johnny's Montana Mac
 The video is of what i call the Montana Mac. Its a variation of the Big Mac. I use Montana fly co. Midge body thread for the ribbing in between the micro tubing.  You can find the midge body thread Here. The rest of the materials are the same as the Big Mac. I use utc grey brown thread for the fly in the video.
Enjoy. :)


  1. Twisting up some more ? You weren't kidding when you said you were busy. Another good tuturiol. Now I gotta get some micro tubing and midge thread.

  2. Little flies.
    One of these days, I guess I might give it a try.

  3. Johhny, You need an s in your sponsors web Addy. Link is bad and doesn't work that you posted up...

    BTW. I just placed an order with them for some tying material for them patterns you posted up.

  4. A deadly midge pupa.
    Nice work.

  5. Troutnut- These guys work great on waters you fish. Twist them up. Harelines micro tube is a the best deal and my favorite midge thread is either uni-8/0 or M.f.c. 8/0

    Brk- Dont stop tying them streamers, but there is no doubt, tying small flies can either be a pain or pleasure.

    MM- Thanks, link all fixed, and Thank you.

    G- It sure is. Thank you.