Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tying Utah's Ultra Egg

First let me say that I love the blood dot tied by Jeff Blood. I give him unlimited thanks for this egg technique. As soon as i saw it i was hooked, and it catches fish like no other ta boot!. But,  I didnt care particularly for how it looks while IN the water. Wet out of the it looks awesome. But in the water is another story(not that the fish care),

  I am always tinkering around with techniques, and materials. I wanted to make an egg that not only looked good in the vice,hand and fly bin, I wanted to look good in the water as well.   And thus the Utah's Ultra egg was born. I take the blood dot technique and well lets say make it more complicated.   I also use a different material for the egg.  I will be fishing this egg intensively over the up coming weeks. I will keep the blog updated.

Utah's Ultra Egg Materials
Hook- Your favorite egg hook. Mine are daiichi 1510 or 1150
Thread- White uni-8/0
Egg- White or pale yellow acrylic yarn
Dot/yolk- steelhead orange or any color you wish of glo-bug yarn. I use the Micro yarn. But you can just split the regular.

Lets twist one up.

Hook in vise start your thread bring it back to the bend

Split your 4ply acrylic yarn, Brush out 2 strands, tie them in on top.

Brush out your two remaining strands are top them in on top as well.

Now we are going to do the Blood dot technique but we are going to pay close attention to detail. Make your first loop. Wrap your thread back over the loop to push it back over the bend.

Make a larger second loop, doing the same as with the first. Tie it down, but be sure to only take a couple of wraps, one in front of the other.. You want about 1mm or 2 gap for the yolk, depending on the size egg your tying.

Take a stand of micro glo bug yarn, loop it around your thread and pinch. .

Slide the yarn onto the shank, wrap very tight as it goes on, then take one wrap in front and behind, advance the thread in front of both yarns and lift up on your egg yarn(not glo-bug) and flattened the yarn as your wrap back to snug it up against the glo-bug yarn

Make a loop. This one should be as large as your last loop. (the size is what makes the end size of the egg. Small loops make small eggs, large loops, large eggs) Wrap back securing the loop and to push the loop over the glo yarn

Make another loop just a touch smaller then the last and repeat the same process.

Make a smaller loop, repeat the same process

Snip your tag end, Snip your yolk, make to cut it short.

take your fingers and brush the loops back and forth, rough them up a bit.

Pull your yarn over the top and around the sides, take one turn to hold then gently pull on the yarn to tighten it up. Then take alternating turns on and off to securely tie it in.

Tie of the yarn, whip finish, and snip the tag on an angle. The ultra egg is complete. 

As you can see, the egg keeps a nice shape IN the water.

Utah's Ultra Egg. 


  1. Very nice looking egg! Enjoyed the step by step.

  2. Thanks George! Video coming soon. I will be out fishing the Ultra today!

  3. The ultra egg has been kicking butt!

  4. Johnny,
    Thank you,
    I'm getting a lot out of your ties, keep it up please.
    Bob ( Buffalo from Pa fly fish)

  5. Bob- Thank you and i will keep it, no problem. Plenty more to come. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I'd be intersted to here how the flies work for you.

    All my best
    Johnny Utah

  6. very nice....looks eggy 4 a real it looks great to steelhead .....will post results when they[the steelies] are up the creek!....some great stuff here,keep up the good work johnny!!

    1. THank you and I got reports from last year that the chrome loved them. The wild browns sure do love them in the fall and spring.

  7. where did you get the loon uv resin for$22.88 thanks ted varshine

  8. Thank you, great looking fly and easy to tie!!
    Borrowed a couple from my brother & they killed the trout!!
    Tying some now!,