Thursday, November 24, 2011

Tying Utah's Fat Partridge.

This wetfly/flymph is what i call the Fat Partridge.  Everything besides the tag, rib, hook and thread are partridge.  I do the tag/rib three different ways with this pattern. One is with just the body ribbed, two is with just the tagged ribbed and three is the tag and body ribbed.  I also tie it dark and light. The dark is tied with a Now for the tutorial. I will tie the ribbed tag and body  dark Fat Partridge.

Hook in vise, start your thread at the eye and wrap back to just before the barb

Tie in the silver holographic tinsel at the bend and wrap back down the bend.
Tie in the mtf midge body thread on the way up the bend. Stop the thread at the start of the bend

counter wrap the tinsel up to your thread

Rib the Midge body thread up. Tie off.

Tie in the partridge tail. It should as long as the entire hook shank.  Trim the butts the length of the body.

Tie down the partridge butts

Tie in  a new piece of midge body thread, wrap back to the tail tie in point.

Select a partridge marabou quill from the rump of the skin.

Tie in the feather by the tip.  Dont worry if your body is uneven. The feather will hide all of it.  Bring the thread to the front.

Twist the feather and wrap it up the shank.  Dont worry about the shaggy nature.  Tie it off and snip the excess.

Trim off the long strands, but dont go nuts and trim it down.

Bring the rib up, Wrap in between the feather wraps. Bring it all the way up, and tie it off. 

Select two slips of partridge wing feather fibers. One from the left and one from the right.  Line the points up and measure them to be as long as the body and the tail.  Pinch it over the top of the shank and take a pinch wrap. Draw the thread down slow. 

Tie down the wing tightly. Snip the butts and clean up

Select a partridge feather. Take one from the back shoulder area. This area has dark colored feathers. Tie it in by tip.

Wrap the feather. Have the hackle fibers sweep back.

Form a neat head, whip and snip the thread.

Varnish the head and its all done.  Tight wraps everyone.


  1. Thank you! Thank you! Johnny U

    Those are some great pics & clear instructions on an awesome fly pattern.

    B.T.W.<Thanks for giving me a new pattern to work on this weekend. +1 this post.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. Your welcome and thank you mad man steve. Any questions feel free to ask.