Friday, November 18, 2011

Tying night at R.V. T.U. 11/17/11

Well let me first say that I am a T.U. member and my membership lies with Ridge and Valley Chapter.  I attended the meeting that was held last night. I was very impressed to hear much conservation discussion going on. After the conservation discussion, the fly tying started!

It was a bummer that John Collins And that bullshitter Matt Grobert of the caddis chronicles were both no shows. They are both great tyers and there was many there to watch. However Chris DelPlato of Streamers and Bucktails and Len Ruggia of Shannon's Fly shop, did show up and twisted up some flies.    Thanks to you both for attending and for showing everyone how to tie some of your patterns. 

Chris DelPlato Fielding one the multitude of questions he received.

Lenny twisting up one of his signature flies.


  1. What a gathering.
    Chris DelPlato is an encyclopedia of streamer knowledge, and ties streamers with authenticity, and beauty. He's helped me more times than I can remember.
    He's a Devil's fan too.

  2. Sounds like i missed a good event.