Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Take my line, go fishing for a Tuesday

  Well, I got out for some flying today. It was raining a bit when i headed out. The rain got me pretty wet before it stopped. I fished a good stretch of my favorite local spring creek.  The wild browns were very pleased to take the U.V. High Test Hares Ear.  I had a great day, and enjoyed  relearning the changed stream.   With "more than four", I the wet walk back to the car.

A very old stone wall

U.V. High Test hares the days top producer.

The U.V. High Test Hares ear with a black diamond braid wing case

A thin one, Hot spot, And a Pumpkin head


  1. I'm impressed. Great fish pics and the hares sure did the trick!

  2. Johnny, Looks like you had another great day on the water from pics & report.

    BTW, Those flies look so stellar.

    Can I get a mixed dozen off you?

  3. River damsel- Thank you, The browns were all over the u.v. high test hares ear.

    Mad Man- Thank you, it was a damn good day indeed. I can do a dozen, hit me on phono.

  4. Great stuff J.U.
    Those colors on those browns are outstanding.

    Can I go fishing with you?

  5. Brk Trt- Thank you. The browns in my favorite N.J. spring creek sure are gorgeous. You see the brook trout, they are an extremely rare catch, but their there. You can fish with anytime.