Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pohatcong creek, Blood dot attack!! 11/15/11

A view from the warren bank of the Mighty Musky

Well i got home from work early, and twisted up some orders real quick.  I then ran down to the Finesville dam to get footage for part 4 in the serious. On the way home, I had a about a hour of light left, so I decided to hit a short section of the pohatcong creek, which i enjoy.  I tied on the peeking caddis because it has a tungsten bead on it, then about 10" of line going back to the blood dot. I used a salmon egg with a flame yolk. It was a size 16.

Well it was only the third drift and boom. A nice bow took the blood dot. I worked my up a 200 yard stretch rather quickly as light was running out. I got several more bows on the blood dot and I got one respectable wild brown on the peeking caddis.  

A lonely male mallard. A lot of great tying materials there.

A busy beaver, perhaps trying to rebuild the dam.

 The winning producer. The blood dot

The peeking caddis got my only wild brown.

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