Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Partridge Skins and a fall secret weapon

I just want to let everyone in on this fellow i found. I have been buying skins off of him for over 4 years now and when i say Premo quality, the premo is platinum with diamonds. Feathers are in perfect condition and have excellent markings on them.    I have well over 10 partridge skins from him and everyone is beautiful. His duck skins are premo as well.

On the right is a 2duckchuck skin and on the left a hareline grade 1. In all fairness i have tied many flies off the hareline skin. But the size difference speaks for itself.  Plus with the 2duckchuck skins,  I have used almost 2 skins so far and i have found a mere 2 broken feathers. The hareline, i lost count.
Check him out here.
Premo Partridge.

 My secret fall weapon. A simple north country spider in pink.   The thread is pink silk, I really like the fishhawk pink silk which is used here.  The hook is a daiichi. The thorax dub is u.v. high test. And the hackle is 2duckchuck partridge.

I want to Thank everyone who follows my blog and takes the time to read it.  I hope you all enjoy my 100th post.

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