Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pa wild trout on classic waters 11/21/11

Got out yesterday with an old friend, we fish in the winter quit often.  We decided to head north to some of Pa's classic streams. We fished a good section of creek and did reasonable well. The fish weren't very abundant but they were not all that small either.  The stream does receive some stocking from clubs on it, so we weren't surprised to hook into to some hold over rainbows of good size.   We caught are fair share of wild browns. The large one i caught broke my line while i was attempting to land it.  Close inspection reveled that i must of had a nick in my tippet. He made off with the oldie he had fallen for.  As a nymph fisherman its very important to check your leader.  I know better. Oh well, just didnt get any pics of fish.  My friend hooked into a nice one right away, but it got off in the heavy riffle he had hooked it in. 

We then head over to fish another stream. We chose head water area. This streams head water area is loaded with wild browns. We caught quite a few, but nothing larger than 12".  The sun began to set when i  hooked into the last brown of the day.  All in all it was a blast.  The oldie lost to the ultra egg. The trout were just all over that egg.  Got some photos but forgot my camera so these are phone photos.

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