Sunday, November 27, 2011

Going small on the ultra egg and the swap fly.

size 20 ultra eggs. Tied on dai-riki 125

I have been twisting up some tiny ultra to fish for on some small streams in my area. I figure the small trout will like them. Who knows, they may see it and  say "awww eggs again!" haha. Not likely. Not because trout dont think like we humans do, but because an egg is just to easy and nutritious of a meal for a trout to pass up.

  When you go small on the ultra just use less yarn and of coarse follow the cardinal rules for tying small flies. Small thread and the least amount of wraps possible.  Follow those two rules and you can tie extremely small, that is if you can see it!  In next couple of months i will show a quite a few midge patterns that i tie small. Some as small as a 28.  I tell ya, there's nothing like landing a 18"+ wild brown on a size 28 hook.   Landing them on size 20 is cake compared to the 28!

 Im in a swap on Pa fly Fish , It's a swap for soft hackles. There is my fly for the swap.   I call it......Swap Fly #14.  As this is my 14 swap i ever did and the fly i tied doesnt have a name. Does it work........You bet your britches it works.  Its tied on a..... well i will do post about it.   I hope to get out in the mid morning as i indicated before. Will do a full report as usual.


  1. That's one sweet looking swap fly.
    I'll swap you a dozen flies for a dozen of them???

  2. Mad Man, Thanks. Nah, ill just give you some.

  3. Is there anyone who sells these flies, I don't tie so I would like to buy 3 dozen

  4. Nice fly I wish I could buy 3 dozen