Wednesday, November 23, 2011

English rain, 40 degrees and wild trout.. 11/22/11

The rain yesterday morning is what i refer to as English rain.  Whenever you see pics or video of the U.K.. It looks similar weather wise to this.  Its a fine mist rain.  One that take you some time to get wet.  It was cold, but not all that bad.  I headed up to one of my favorite freestone  streams and met up with a friend to fish a stretch before the heaver rain arrived.

The leaf hatches are done for the most part now. But the occasional leaf fish is still hooked while nymphing.  This stream was not spared by from the the early snow. There is all sorts of large trees lying  across the stream. These trees if not removed will alter the stream bed greatly. 

We began fishing in some nice runs and pools. The wild browns were not being ravenous at all. I got one rather quickly with ultra egg in the tail of a pool.  The water was low and total gin.  I have no doubt that we were spooking fish but with condition like this, what are your gonna do?? We worked up stream nymphing the pockets and seams.  We picked up wild browns, hold over bows and we both were quit happy when we got up further and we started to catch native brook trout.  A true sign of clean water, and the most beautiful char. I usually refer to them as trout, I mean that is what everyone calls our native char.

The catch rate was about equal all on three species. The Ultra egg performed quit well yet again. The bookies in particular really like it, as did the wild browns.  The golden oldie won the nymph battle barley.  40 degrees and damp weather will chill you to the bone. Cold yet happy with our morning out on the stream we headed on back. 

First trout of the day.

Taken on the ultra egg

I thought this knocked down tree was pretty neat.  I have never seen so many mushrooms

The Oldie amongst the shrooms.

A pretty bow

A nice brown.

A lot of knock down.

another pretty bow.

One of the only flat section on this upper stretch.  Time to take the weight off.

A trophy native brook trout.  Simply beautiful.

 A well fed brown.

Our native char aka trout

A pretty and plump bow.


  1. Johnny U.

    Wonderful post. Love the photos.

    Brook trout, or char, they are the most beautiful salmonid out there.

  2. Brk- Thank you! No doubt brooks are beautiful. I am always pleased to catch them.

  3. Thanks for the pics and report. Nice fish & G.O. BTW.